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  • Good availability

    in the city center of Brno

  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution

    saves time and money

  • High success rate in conclusion

    of the mediation agreements

  • Negotiations with parties

    at the professional level

  • High level of

    knowledge of private law

Mediation office capacity utilization

July 90%

August   10%

September       5%


Mediation is a conciliatory way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. The mediator is an independent and impartial person facilitating communication between the parties with the aim of achieving an agreement acceptable for both parties. In the mediation process, each party has an opportunity to express its standpoint, and subsequently I, as mediator, discuss the matter with them individually. Should the parties fail to come to an agreement the mediator will prepare its legal opinion in conformity with the provision of Sec. 8 article 2 of the Mediation Act no. 202/2012 Sb. It is an independent and non-binding opinion giving the parties a third party´s insight for their consideration about how to proceed with the legal matter.

The biggest benefit of mediation is its effectiveness and the ability to settle (even for the future) human or business relations, and very often resolve problems in broader terms.

Mediator JUDr. Filip Horák

My name is Filip Horák and I have been working as a registered mediator since 2014. My background is 35 years of legal practice. I worked as probationer, judge at the Municipal Court in Brno and assistant to a judge at the Constitutional Court. I also worked as lawyer in a big multinational business corporation in the legal department, human resource management and acquisitions/real estate department. I have been running a law office since 1998.

In the area of mediation I operate all over the Czech Republic specialising in commercial and civil law. I do not conduct family mediations. Our mediation office offers mediation in the Czech language, and also in English, German and French.


Radnická 11
602 00 Brno

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